Các giảng viên của TDT Event


image0011. Thanh Thuy Christine

Sub: Ballet

After graduated excellently at Viet Nam Dance School in Ha Noi in 1996, Thanh Thuy has been selected to work in The “Sing-Dance-Music” National Theater which was considered as a leading theater of Viet Nam. She had ever performed as Soloist in some well known festivals which took place in Viet Nam and foreign countries like Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Denmark.

Thanh Thuy was awarded “The Best Young Dancer” at the national dance competition which was first held in 1997. Thanh Thuy settled in 1998 in France where she took part in teaching Ballet. In addition, she established Hoa Viet dance group which performed as a professional folk dance group and touring for performance throughout Europe.

Besides artistic talent, Thanh Thuy has ability in event organization through associations and major institutions in France.

Returned to Viet Nam in early 2010, Thanh Thuy established TDT Event Company with French friend, Nathalie, who has over ten years experience of events.

image003 2. Bui Ngoc Quang

Sub: Ballet

Quang is a very talented ballet instructor who graduated from the University of Sankt –Peterburg in Russia. He has had more than 20 years of experience in dancing for Russian dance crews such as “Kirov Balle”, “SPBT”, “Ballet Fouete” and many others.

He was the leading role in some of the world-classic ballets such as Swan Lake, Nutcracker, Sleeping Beauty, Gisselle, La Bayadere, Don Quichot and many other modern ballets. He also has experience in choreographing for the dancing performances in Russia. Quang is the key instructor of Ho Chi Minh Dance School in dancing and characterizing.

3. Ms. Nguyen Thi Anh Thu

Sub: Ballet

Anh Thu was born and grew up in Ho Chi Minh City. She passed the examination of professional dancers and started dancing since 12 years old and 6-year graduation system at Dance school in Ho Chi Minh City. After 2 years of hardly practice to gain knowledge in Singapore – Kingdom of Leo – and now she’s one of the best Ballet teacher of TDT Event covering many classes in international schools and residences.

trainer_dinhmy4. Trinh Thai Dinh My

Sub: Ballet

Dinh My has been working with TDT Event since she was a student at HCM City Dance School. After 6 year of studying, Dinh My has become an official teacher of TDT Event. With all the knowlegde gained at Dance School and pratical experience, Dinh My is an enthusiastic, young and dynamic lecturer. She is teaching at the ABVIS, Sky Garden School as well as Dendelion Club.

5. Nguyen Ngoc Ha

Sub: Hip Hop

Female Hip Hop artist Nguyen Ngoc Ha graduated from the Hanoi College of Arts and Culture and her major was Film Theatre in 2009. In 2007, Ha began to practice Hip Hop with successful in “Buoc Nhay Xi Tin” Champion, award 3rd of “Buoc Nhay Xi Tin” all the country.

Up to now, Nguyen Ngoc Ha has partnered with the singer Ha Anh, Phuong Vy, and participate in programs such as: the final opening in “Buoc Nhay Xi Tin” 2010, 2011, ELLE Fashion Show … Ha is currently an assistant teaching at Dancenter, Hip Hop teacher of the CIS, BVIS.

tuancuong_hiphop6.Nguyen Tuan Cuong

Sub: Hip Hop

Nguyen Tuan Cuong has a passion and pursue Hip Hop more than 9 years. During that time, Cuong has been training and become professional dancer, brought strong emotions in each dance at the dance community. Cuong has been working with entertainment centers as YSE Company (of the singer Duong Ngoc Thai), Metoo Company (by the invitation of Ms. Anh Tuyet – Lecturer of Music College), Saigonbellydance Center, dance center for children Pwink Studio … has choreographed for the 1357 Program – VBC Station, “Ngoi Nha Am Nhac” – Cat Tien Sa company.

image0057. Tran Lina

Sub: Hip Hop

Lina excellently graduated from a seven-year programme of Ho Chi Minh Dance School in 2009. She has won plenty of awards in the professional Hip Hop competitions holding in Ho Chi Minh City and has many years of experience in teaching for students in international schools. She specializes in Hip Hop and Jazz Funk.

8. Nguyen Huy Hao

Sub: Hiphop

Hao is a young choreographer from Da Lat. He has more than 2 years experience in dance industry. Going along with his passionate heart, he would like to spread his talent to everybody. He is specialize modern dances, such as: Hip Hop, Street Jazz, Sexy Dance and a brand new style from K-Pop Music.

trainer_tn_nhungoc9. Ton Nu Nhu Ngoc

Sub: Hip Hop, Zumba, K-Pop

Nhu Ngoc is a dynamic and talented dancer. Coming from the University of Foreign Trade but with the passion of dancing, she began to pursue this subject very soon. She was a team captain of Blackout Crew in 2013-2015, participated in the K-pop Dancing Style 2013, Luminous Dance Contest 2014, VNG Fire Rock Camp 2016.

Nhu Ngoc was also an intructor for many dance grew to participate in the contest: Home Credit Company Dance Contest 2015 – 1st Place,Samsung Snight Year End Party 2015 – 1st Place,Generali Year End Party Dance Contest 2016 – 1st Place… With experience in leading and teaching Hip Hop, K-Pop, Zumba, Nhu Ngoc bring the youthful energy, excitement and enthusiasm to students.

10. Le Cong Vinh

Subject: Hip Hop, K-Pop

Le Cong Vinh is a young intructor but he is full of energetic and passion for this job. Come to Hip Hop by a chance when he was 15 and up to now, he has proved his talent in this Hip Hop field. Participated through many Dance Show: So you think you can dance, YanVpop Awards, The Remix… and won the 2nd price at the Honda BeU Plus, National Final Showcase.

He is also cooroporate with many famous singers and dance crew through out Viet Nam. Cong Vinh has worked with TDT in Hip Hop and K-pop at International School and Residences since 2015.

image00711. Nguyen Thi Quynh Hoa

Sub: Zumba, Hip Hop, Aerobic

With over 4 years of passion and Zumba Dance, HipHop Jazz and Performance Art, Quynh Hoa is an enthusiatic teacher with intense passion for Zumba dance. She also plays a role of leader in Saigon Yo (2010), Nước – 2030 (2013), Dòng Thời Gian (2011), Vợ chồng trẻ con (2011). In 2014, she’s in the top 12 best actress in ”Let us show” TV show for Actors; top 12 Talented Ambassador in O’star TV show (Dancing skill) and top 4 hiphop underground in Big city hiphop competition.

Up to present, Quynh Hoa have chosen to stick with Zumba Dance to give students the passion with this special kind of art. She is always dedicated to widespread her knowledge and skills to students.

12. Le Thi Thanh Giang

Sub: Yoga

Ms Giang is a talented and experience Yoga Teacher. She can teach Yoga for all object: pregnant women, children, alduts and elderly. She is an employee of the non-profit organization Sivananda Yoga Vedanta World Central Vietnam as well as Yoga Intructor in Yoga Kids, teaching Yoga Kids and nutrition for children at the Yoga center.

She has participated in intensive courses on Yoga from 2010 to date, and with the TTC degree (teaching training), Thanh Giang has worked with TDT Event in individual Yoga courses for foreigners in the residential area in Ho Chi Minh City.

image00813. Dang Thi Huong Sen

Sub: Belly Dance

She is a student of A National Administrative Academy but pursue a BellyDance passion since the early days of this art appeared in Vietnam – the artist Dang Thi Huong Sen – Huong Sen continue studying at the Ho Chi Minh City Dance School to follow the direction of orthodox art. Teaching style of Huong Sen is merry, good ability to cover the class, the students love her because of easy-to-understand style of teaching, enthusiastic, friendly and funny. One of the achievements and Huong Sen’s experiences that she won and joined is the champion of “Graceful Dancer” by SGbellydance coordination with Da Mon club, as a choreographer for Kim Phuong actress in Dance Of Curve Movie (movie theaters in Tet Holiday 2012).

image00914. Nguyen Hoang Thao Uyen

Sub: Dance Sport

Thao Uyen started learning Ballet early, her efforts took more than 11 years on the dance floor for training, she graduated from Ho Chi Minh Dance School as excellent degree, then become a lecturer as her favorite choice at the place where she used to be trained over 11 years.

With a burning passion to Ballet Art, Thao Uyen contributed to training generations of students and won many outstanding national awards for dance. Collection of 13 gold medals, two silver medals at the national festival is one of the remarkable achievements that many people dream.

image01015. Ho Phi Diep

Sub: Dance Sport

Diep start learning Ballet at 16 age, after graduated excellent degree from Dance School & worked in Ho Chi Minh City Ballet Symphony Orchestra, then Diep moved to Taiwan to continue his path artist.

Back to Vietnam after training period of time in the extreme strict environment, Diep took part in the first dance competition which held in Vietnam and won the second prize. He was invited to teach at many cultural center of the city. In addition, he also completed certification program “Dance Sport Arbitration” and to be professional dancer in Ho Chi Minh City Ballet Symphony Orchestra .

Some works are well- known such as Carmen, Swan Lake, Le Corsaire, Giselle … etc …