Our Other Services

Apart from planning a complete event, we also provide different separate services to support your events including technical solutions (lighting and sound), catering service, performing arts, MC and PG hiring.

1. Technical stage services (Lighting and sound)

As an expert in event planning, we know that technical is one of the critical elements that contributes to the success of your events. At TDT Event, we offer the best service of technical solutions for stage including high quality lighting and sound equipment which are mostly imported from Europe.

2. Catering service


Carrot – part of TDT Group – is a leader in catering service. With a professional and experienced team, we are able to design various menus and serve all types of event and party on your request. We are committed to always use fresh food which complies with safety and quality standards.

3. Performing arts


Performing arts is an expertise of TDT Event. We were the organiser of many performing art shows in ballet, contemporary dance, traditional folk dance, hip hop, chamber music, etc. TDT Event is in collaboration with many well-respected artists and instructors in the industry who are dedicated to bring you the best shows of art.

4. MC and PG


At TDT Event, we also have a professional, experienced and multilingual team of MCs and PGs to support your events.